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Credit card or loan, what is cheaper?

“I need money: is it cheaper to ask for a loan or a credit card? ”It is a question that more people ask than you imagine, because cash is not always available to deal with all payments that may arise. So below we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options, so

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Relevant things when hiring a loan

If this is the first time you have taken out a loan, it is normal that you do not know where to start or what to look at. Therefore, from Good Finance we want to give you a hand and tell you what are the relevant things that you should consider when hiring a loan.

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Loan of Carrefour Denied

Sometimes they deny Carrefour’s loans, when one of these financial services of loans is denied, it is due to diverse reasons, of which we will speak here. We will also talk about the possible solutions you can carry out. What do I do if I have a Carrefour denied loan? If you are already a

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