Film “The little pan of Anatole” the handicap in poetry

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In the field of animated films, Anatole’s film La petite casserole , created by the Breton company JPL Films, is a small nugget. For 20 years, JPL Films has been making short and feature-length films, magazines, television series … With this film adapted from the eponymous book by Isabelle Carrier, director Éric Montchaud tells the story of a little boy with poetry and hope. The pitch: “Anatole still trailing behind him his little pan, very embarrassing. She fell on him one day … We do not really know why. Since then, she gets stuck everywhere and prevents her from moving forward. One day, Anatole has enough. He decides to hide, to no longer see and no longer be seen. Unfortunately, things are not so simple … “

Try to say the essentials

Symbol of the handicap, the little pan drags behind Anatole, tied by a string. For Isabelle Carrier, herself a mother of a Down syndrome child, this story is universal. “I wanted this story to talk about everyone, and everyone , ” she says. Eric Montchaud, seduced by the scenario, did not want to make the subject too heavy. Today, the film is a real success and has more than 140,000 admissions in theaters. On June 29, 2017, this innovative project was awarded at the 10th edition of the Ocirp Handicap Award, receiving the “Jury’s Coup de Coeur”.

Raising the awareness of the youngest

“I go to classrooms with this film to educate youth about disability, even if it’s never named, ” Carrier said at the awards ceremony. From the mother’s point of view, I feel that life is a struggle . For Axel Kahn, geneticist and jury member, “this favorite was obvious. This little book and this little film tell the essence of what I always try to say about disability.