Hours poetry

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One year and 561 posts after startup, the Instagram account @renpoesi has 17,000 followers. The account is used to share poems by various authors, including unutilized. The writer Ellen Wisløff tells in an interview with the NRKbook that she started @renpoesi because she even appreciated the lyrikk who gave her joy and comfort for a busy day.

Soon, it will be published by @renpoesi, something that enters into a trend; Twitter accounts of the Oslo police , Frode Grytten and the profile @Kongendin have already been books. The publisher writes the following about the @ renpoesi book, which is scheduled for October 1st: “Here is the book that brings together the most popular poems from the success. This is a unique collection of famous and sweet poetry, as well as gold grains from some of the most important new voices in Norwegian poetry. 100 poems about love, poems for consolation, inspiration and reflection – a nice and meaningful gift to someone you love. “

An author who goes back to @renpoesi, and probably has gotten a much larger audience using the account, is Trygve Skaug. Trygve Skaug is a songwriter and artist, perhaps most known from the band StMorritz, but he also writes poems as he calls micropoesy. Trygve Skaug writes sweet, subtle and striking, mostly about relationships. A good example is this:

“Is not it too early to say you love me,” she said.
“Is not it too late to ask me to leave,” he said.

The majority of the poems @ renpoesi parts are touched, touching, charming strokes in Trygve Skaug style. Admittedly, humourous and small-minded poetry appears (for example, from the above mentioned Waiting for the bird of Frode Grytten and small pornographic classics from the pseudonym Ella Utøy ), but it is the warm and cozy that dominates the mood.

As a combination of a tribute to and protest against @renpoesi, I have found some of my slightly less pure poetry favorites. Poems that are not striking “for comfort, inspiration and reflection”, but that hit a nerve anyway.

Enjoy yourself! Feel free to share your favorites with us, clean or unclean!