Luigia Sorrentino, “Birth, only birth”

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“The poems of ‘Birth, only birth’ are born of a cry of pain and rebellion and above all, from the urgency and the need to give back to the human the sacred self, which is, for me, the most ancient and mysterious bond between men. The texts were ordered and put together following a continuous and direct poematic structure. The historical events to which they are inspired are indicated in the notes of the book – earthquakes, tsunamis, attacks, wars and massacres – far and near facts, embrace the whole of humanity in a common feeling, pietas. The collective feeling goes beyond the episode of news, the drama of individual events, which are, in the end, only evoked. It is probable that these elements have contributed to give organic unity to the whole collection, supported by a unitary, narrative structure. The recitabilità comes from the fact that they are verses ‘from the tragic terribleness’ and therefore therefore same, cantabili. And, in a work that continually reveals the irreducibility and the transience of being, words can only be hard, hurled like stones. ‘In that vertebra’, the poem that opens the collection, refers to a tragic event that took place in a certain time, the time of the beginnings , while ‘The cathedral’, the poem placed at the end of the book – which does not close completely the discourse – reintroduces, through another birth, the Institution – the place of the chair – the fragment of a new creation, of something that begins to be”.